SDQS Mission Statement

To provide an Electronic Engineering service that will augment clients' capabilities to solve problems and to develop new products and services.

Recent Technologies and Activities

  • Cortex M series microcontrollers with software written in C have been used in most of the following applications
  • Temperature measurement using RTD, Thermocouple and MEM temperature sensors
  • Variable power supplies: controlled voltage, controlled current and controlled power
  • Data logging with data stored locally and on remote server
  • LCD and LED array controllers for text and graphics display
  • LED lighting, both passive and with DMX control
  • Design reviews in advance of EMC testing
  • Multilayer PCB layout
  • Ethernet using MII peripheral of STM32F107 and library TCP/IP stack with a variety of application layer protocols
  • USB serial ports (RS232 replacement) using microcontroller peripheral and serial to USB bridge 
  • Data communication over cellular network using uBlox modules
  • PC software written in C++ and Delphi
  • Low power systems powered by batteries for data collection and measurement instruments